1. - Membership entry to SP Golf shall be sponsored by an active good standing member. The Steering Committee shall act upon each proposal by vote. Any negative vote shall disqualify any candidate.

    2. - A candidate who is accepted to the club will be classified as a Regular Member after paying the membership dues.

    3. - Annual membership fee as agreed by the Execom shall be a non-refundable $150.00 ($50.00 of which is for member's dinner cost during the awards night).

    4. - Membership number for SP Golf is limited to fifty (50) members.If the members have reached the total limit of 50, any sponsored new member applicant can only replace members who are inactive, who did not renew their annual membership fee or for any reason terminated or decided to terminate membership with SP Golf.

    5. - A Good Standing Member:

  • Abides by the rules and regulations of the club.
  • Pays his/her outing fees on time.
  • Comes to golf outings on time.
  • Follows the golf dress code.
  • Is honest in their score card.
  • Participates in the club's programs and affairs.


    1. - The Steering Committee creates the annual calendar of golf outings and appoints Tournament Starter or Coordinator.

    2. - The Coordinator initially works with the prospective golf course management.

    3. - The Committee shall be responsible in matters regarding outing venues, date, fees, deposit, collection, measuring devices, rules & etiquette, flight schedule, and other matters connected to the golf outing.

    4. - Trophies and awards are for members only.

    5. - Members and guests are required to pay their outing fee on or before the scheduled outing date or at the course.

B.1. Outing Attendance

    1. - A member who signed up for the tournament and did not pay his outing on the stipulated due date or cancelled his participation on time, will automatically pay the outing fee, because the club will pay the course with or without the member's presence. Golf Courses standard payment policy is to pay in full for the reserved slot 10 days prior to the outing date.

    2. - A member who confirmed a guest and was not able to send payment but attended the outing, the guest will only occupy empty slot and will not be able to play if all slots are filled. The guest will have to wait for an empty slot. Or if the course permits the guest can automatically play.

    3. - Any of the confirmed members or guests FAILS to show up on the scheduled tournament/outing, he/she will be charged accordingly the same amount as the outing fee.

B.2. Outing Fees

    1. - The fee for all regular tournament will be posted in the website.

    2. - Outing Fee shall be paid to SP Golf Club through Justil Cruz and must be received on or before the deadline of each outing.

    3. - Outing fees do not include meals or snacks unless otherwise included in the package as required by the course or agreed upon by the Committee.

B.3. Protest

    1. - Any protests or dispute during the outing must be turned over or submitted to the Rules Committee on the day of the tournament. Statute of limitation is when the players concerned leave the parking lot of the golf course.

    2. - The players concerned should be present and ready for possible required statement.

    3. - Unanimous decision of the Rules Committee present shall be FINAL.

Protests files AFTER the outing will NOT be honored. Members should persuade other members to correct the mistake of others. Seasoned members are obliged to guide and orient new members. Should a dispute (misunderstanding) arise, the two (2) ball rule should apply. Refusal to take the two (2) ball rule understandably makes the member taking the risk.


All members should familiarize themselves with the rules and etiquette of golf.

    1. - RULES

  • Must have a golf bag and no more than 14 clubs.
  • Follow Local and USGA Rules of Golf.
  • Dress Code to be observed at all times.
  • Play the ball as is where it is unless winter rules is applied or any decision by the Rules Committee.
  • Members should prod other members to conform to the golf course pace of play
  • All golf tournaments shall be governed by the USGA and in house rules. The Rules Committee will settle any disputes or controversies.


  • Ball embedded in its own pitch mark in rough area can be lifted, cleaned and replaced.

    3. - ETIQUETTE

  • Play within your ability and drive the ball within your range. (Watch out for players up front)
  • Observe silence when fellow players address the ball.
  • Back tees and ball farthest to the hole has priority when hitting the ball.
  • Follow pair numbering for the first tee and observe honor to all succeeding tees. However, ready golf is encouraged.
  • Always repair ball marks in green.
  • Do not drag, twist, and pivot your feet while in the green. Do not step on other player's ball line.
  • Remove pin only when all players are on the green.
  • The closest ball to the hole man the pin.
  • No gimmies
  • Last ball to play reinserts the pin to the hole.
  • Exit the green as quickly as possible.
  • Observe USGA scoring rules (Player - marker rule). Peer to peer review mandatory.
  • Update your score card before next tee. Total scores correctly. Sign, and co-sign score card.


Starting this season (2017) as requested by majority of the members, prizes to be given for the regular tournaments winners will be golf balls - a dozen balls of Titleist ProV for the champion, a dozen balls of Titleist NXT for the runner-up and a sleeve of Titleist ProV for the closest to pin award.

Only the Club Champions will be awarded trophies. Awarding of prizes will be done during dinner-dance party which is scheduled after the Myrtle Beach outing. All members are encourage to attend the culminating event of the club.


    All members' playing skills are determined by a handicap called Golf Handicap Index (GHIN) serviced by USGA accredited handicap service provider. In our case, New Jersey State Golf Association (NJSGA)

    New members who already have GHIN card must submit their GHIN card number to the Handicap Committee for updating.

    Members are required to submit all their scores outside the tournaments.


    • Composition of the Steering Committee has no specific number of members.
    • Membership is open to all regular member of the SP Golf who are willing to help in the organization, scheduling, arrangement of the tournaments and other tasks as need arises.
    • He should attend the regular meeting of the committee every Wednesday before the schedule tournament date.
    • Failure to attend the meeting for 2 consecutive without a valid reason will be removed from the committee membership.